Cross Young Room (Bedstead)

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¥ The best way to enjoy youth, model model, colorful Youth Rooms
¥ We are ready to help you in shaping the rooms where young people and children spend the most time at home and create a space of their own.
¥ You can find functionality, durability and dynamism together in our youth rooms, which are specially designed for young people, taking into account the needs of children's and young people's rooms.¥
¥ Bed Headboard: It is produced by laying sponge + fabric on particle board.
¥ Bed Frame Material: Melamine faced particle board
¥ Bedstead Function: With Base
¥ Bedstead Type: No Upholstery
¥ Bed Size: 39.37 in x 78.74 in / 47.24 in x 78.74 in
¥ Headboard Material: Baked particleboard, sponge, fabric
¥ Headgear Type: Fabric
¥ Base Material: The bed frame is made of 1st quality chipboard material, and the plinth cover is made of iron profile.
¥ Plinth Type: The plinth cover is mounted on the iron plinth side connection plates in the bed frame.
¥ Base Function: There are 2 durable shock absorbers, 2 galvanized scissors and 2 safety locks (stopping system).
¥ Wardrobe Material: Made of melamine coated particle board. On the left cover front plastic profile is used for visual purposes. The handles are plastic.
¥ Cabinet Function: There is a self-braking hinged door system. One in the closet
¥ There are aluminum hangers.
¥ Drawer/Door Mechanism: Self-braking hinged door in wardrobe doors
¥It has a mechanism.
¥ Cabinet Contents: Hanger, Shelf
¥ Lighting Feature: None
¥ Bedside Table Material: It is made of melamine coated particle board. The handles are plastic. Its feet are metal. Drawer rails are tandem rails with brakes.
¥ Laundry Material: Made of melamine coated particle board. The handles are plastic. Drawer rails are tandem rails with brakes.
¥ Bookshelf Material: Made of melamine coated particle board. It has a self-braking hinged cover mechanism.
¥ Work Table Material: Made of melamine coated chipboard. left upper back
¥ A plastic profile is used on the front surface of the table for visual purposes. Hinged with self-braking
¥ It has a cover mechanism. The handles are plastic. Its feet are metal. Drawer rails are tandem rails with brakes.
¥ Maintenance: You can clean your furniture by wiping it with a damp cloth. Protect from direct sunlight. Avoid prolonged contact of hot surfaces and water.
¥Aesthetics and functionality based on the daily needs of young people.
¥ Bringing together the Cross Young Room, its modern, stylish, comfortable and functional design with its elegant line, reflecting it sensitively on the design, it creates a relaxing and calm atmosphere.
offers environments.
¥ The product's work desk with bookshelf is designed to be very functional.
¥ It is capable of responding to many needs thanks to drawers, shelves and covered sections.
¥ A rich usage area has been created by adding functionality to the product with the drawers, shelves and hangers used in the wardrobe.The oak, white and turquoise color application throughout the team contributed to the identity of the team. Self-braking on all doors and drawers
¥ Ease of use is ensured with the mechanism, while modern metal handles and
¥ Thanks to the foot structure, the product has both a different design and a visual appearance.
¥ Cross Youth Room offers the following modules to consumers. will be presented:
- 3 Door Wardrobe
- Study desk
- Bedstead
- Title
- Nightstand (*)
- Laundry (*)
- Bookshelf (*)
¥ 1 years warranty

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