Beyoglu Sofa Set (3+3+1+1)

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SET: 3+3+1+1
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¥ Comfortable sofa sit for your family.
¥ Foot Material: Feet are wooden lathe material.
¥ Case Material: Bottom case is wooden material.
¥Leg and Case Color: Walnut.
¥ Disassembled Parts: Feet are sent disassembled.
¥Skeleton Material: Beech wood is used in the skeleton.
¥ Sofa Set: Size: Width: 230 Depth: 38.19 in.
¥ Sofa Bed Dimension: Width: 182 Depth: 35.43 in.
¥ Fabric Care: It is a wipeable fabric.
¥ Fabric Content: A polyester-containing fabric consisting of polyurethane and acrylic derivatives is used.
¥ Seat Cushion Material: 35 density soft sponge is used.
¥ Back Foam Material: 25 KYT 5 piece soft feather foam
¥ Softness of Seat: Its seat is of medium softness.
¥ Back Foam Softness: The back is feather soft.
¥ Back Model: CSS back mechanism
¥ Leg and Case Color: Walnut.
¥ Cushion and Back material: It is produced from a mixture of bead silicone and scrap sponge.
¥ 1 years warranty

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